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Custom made mobile app for drivers to log in and record their progress on the days deliveries

Delivery Tracking

Our Customer Asked...

Our Client Steph needed to be able to track the movement of her drivers and find out the status of each delivery.

She was losing money with lost deliveries and had to spend time dealing with complaints about late deliveries causing project delays.

Our Solution?

We worked with Steph to establish her needs then designed and created an app for everything she wanted and more.

Mobile application screen showing a list of our customers clients. This screen allows the selection of a client to view more specific details.

So We Created...

Steph now has an app that will:

  • Track the drivers route for that day or previous days
  • Show any deliveries that have been made that day
  • Give the ability to mark if delivery was successful or not and add relevant notes for future reference
  • Filter routes to look at specific details
  • Mark building sites that have been visited
  • Check back on previous deliveries

S B Systems expert Software Developers, delivered to budget a mobile app allowing our customer to track the status of her jobs.

We create apps that work on any device!

Android & Apple Devices

Windows PC
or Apple Mac

Laptops and Tablets

Mobile App calendar screen showing the engineers scheduled work for the day.

Work Schedule

Our Customer Asked...

Greg needed to be able to easily see his daily, weekly or monthly schedule to be able to book jobs efficiently, and see who needed to be where and when.

Our Solution?

We worked with Greg to establish his needs then designed and created (in Gregs words) 'the perfect app' for his business.

Multi Platform app, developed by our in house software developers, presents a calendar view for field staff appointments.

So We Created...

Greg now has an app that will:

  • Automatically transfer job data from one screen to another to avoid rekeying information
  • Clearly show all job details on a daily calendar, allowing him to see at a glance where there's availability to help more customers
  • Show a monthly view of work, with the dates when work is booked in clearly marked
  • Provide the ability the easily delete or amend notes or the entire Job

To see the full case study click here
Bespoke mobile apps providing a simple and easy to use calendar, helping you manage your business on the go.

Apps will be designed and created completely custom to your Business

We already offer ready-made solutions but fully understand that every business is unique.
That's why we pride ourselves in being able to also create completely bespoke apps designed specifically to meet your requirements, addressing the challenges that you personally face.

Bespoke Mobile engineers app showing the status of all outstanding jobs.

Job Tracking

Our Customers Asked...

Jodie wanted to be able to record all the work the business was undertaking and quickly identify the status of each of her jobs to allow her to focus resources where they were needed most.

Our Solution?

We chatted with Jodie to fully understand her requirements then designed and created an app to help her achieve exactly what she needed to.

Easy to read, graphical view presented by a bespoke business mobile appplication, displaying the status of all outstanding jobs.

So We Created...

Jodie now has an app that will:

  • Allow her to record her jobs and quotes and any necessary information
  • Display all work within a colour coded chart, showing a breakdown of the percentage of work in each job or quote status.
  • Show via a quick link, a list of all work and customer details within each category
  • Provide icons to enable instant customer contact ie phone or email
  • Allow easy changing and updating of job details or categories

To see the full case study click here
Bespoke Business Mobile App screen showing easy to read graph detailing the status of quotes needing attention.

Mobile apps provide flexibility to complete the job no matter where you might be...

In the Office
On the Move
Your own Home

App for the mobile showing images of stock items available for use in a job. Quantities listed to help him manage stock control.

Stock Control

Our Customer Asked...

Christopher wanted to be able keep a better track of his stock. He needed to quickly see details of the stock he had available and also set controls to be alerted when quantities were running low. He also needed to be able to set the minimum stock level on a per item basis taking into account delivery times etc. He couldn't afford to wait until he'd run out.

Our Solution?

Christopher had a firm understanding of his needs and the way he wanted the app to work. We built the new app specifically to his design brief and he's a very happy customer.

Category view of stock control, available on the bespoke built mobile app, allowing better data analysis. Alerts sent when restocking is requried.

So We Created...

Christopher now has an app that will:

  • Show an image of each item of stock along with the quantity available
  • List stock items in categories for data analysis
  • Give the date that each item was last ordered, helping him keep track of popularity and adjust order quantities if appropriate
  • Display in red any items that are low in stock to alert him that action is required
  • Display how much he paid his supplier for each item and how much he charges his customer, therefore making profit tracking easier

To see the full case study click here

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