Whatever Area of the Business

Whatever area of the business you work in we can make your work life easier. You may be the company director, an engineer on the road, or you may be an office administrator. Whatever your workload and whatever location you work at, you can rely on us to provide you with the ideal solution to your software needs.

Whatever System

Whatever systems you are using, you can be confident we can provide you with the right software solution.
You may be working on your phone, tablet, laptop or office based computer, it doesn’t matter if the platform you use is windows, android or apple. We will create the perfect software for your company.

Whatever Language

Our primary language is C# but we also have a wealth of experience in VB.net, Java, JavaScript and VB6.
Whether you need something created from scratch or you need us to help you update an existing system, we can help.

Whatever Look

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so however you want your software to look, we can make it happen. You may wish to completely personalize your software or simply make your software as easy and simple to use as possible. All you need to do is provide us with an idea of your requirements and we will provide the artistic flair and fully functional finished product.

Bespoke Software Solutions

Our bespoke software service is where you can have your dream application designed to do exactly what you want.
From day one we’ll work closely with you to help collect your requirements, to formulate ideas and to discuss possibilities.

We specialise in the creation of feature rich business applications for Windows desktops and Web Applications running on Windows and Lynx.
We do of course do Mobile applications development for Android and Apple devices.

Our primary language is C# but we also have a wealth of experience in VB.net, Java, JavaScript and VB6.

Throughout all our projects, we’ll keep you informed with regular updates.
We’ll provide you with functional software releases throughout the development phase, just to make sure we’re all on the right path.

Our projects are all managed using Agile. This allows you to have a flexible specification.
It allows new ideas to grow and get implemented as the software is developed.
It ensures you end up with an application that works for you in the real world and ensures project costs are monitored, justified and kept in control.

If you’re in the market for some bespoke development or if you’ve got an idea and would like to talk it through with us give us a call right now on 01255 830113.

UK Based Software Engineers

We understand UK business.
Pop in, say hi and grab a coffee with us. When you're at work, we're at work.

We just love creating software.

Discussing an idea with someone then bringing their idea to life is so amazing.
We've been doing it for years and love it as much today as we did when we first started.

Solving Problems

Tell us your problems and we'll give you a solution.
Problem solving is our business. Email us, Phone us or walk in and talk to us and let us take your problems away.

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